Flowers You May Not Know Are in Your Perfume


Do you know what is in the products you use? Some do. Some have no clue. Some people care more about it than others. Some don’t care at all. We can’t speak for all products, but when it comes to flowers, they are in plenty of the products you use.

What we put into and onto our body matters. It can impact your health and overall wellbeing. This is why many people look to nature to provide them with what they need. This includes methods for better mental and physical health.

People look to nature to increase positive endorphins for better mood, to provide a place for exercise to better increase their energy and to spark a feeling of an improved and rejuvenated look. The sun adds color to our skin, and the flowers provide fragrance, color and are natural stimulants.

Due to all that nature offers, people are finding new ways, every day, to bring these natural remedies into more and more products they use, so it is only appropriate that we highlight one favorite that consistently contains florals- perfume.

Top Flowers Found in Perfumes...

The Rose

There are a variety of different flowers that can be found in fragrances. The queen be-auty floral of choice is by no means a surprise. The classically beautiful and ever-so romantic rose is worn with pride in so many areas of the beauty industry, especially perfumes.

Rose spray is another popular option. What is rose spray for? Rosewater spray is used for a variety of reasons. It helps with acne, skin irritation and helps remove oil and dirt in pores. Its uses range from anti-aging to antioxidants.

The Jasmine

It’s a popular name, a Disney princess and a flower used across a wide array of products. The jasmine flower is even used in tea, as it has a nice scent and a natural calming effect. It is deemed one of the sweetest smelling florals in the world by many. Jasmines are even used in aromatherapy.

Jasmines are also commonly incorporated in perfumes and cosmetics due to their popular and enchanting smell.

The Violet

It is a cool color that works especially well when worn with balanced skin tones, but violet is more than an attractive color. It is a popular floral with a refined fragrance commonly used in perfumes. The two most popular violets that could be a primary ingredient in your favorite fragrance are Victoria violets and Parma violets. They are also ingredients in many oils and lotions found in cabinets everywhere.

The Plumeria

It is a strong presence. Popular for its role in creating leis- the plumeria dominates the field in floral fragrance. It is the basic ingredient for a variety of perfumes. Their durability, pastel shades and scent make the plumeria THE floral for Polynesian islanders. These florals can last without wilting in freshwater for several days. It’s a bloom that people rightfully choose to include in their perfumes.

The Lavender

Stimulate your senses with this well-versed flower. It is known to be especially successful in helping to extract calm feelings. It is used in many favorite spa treatments- massages, manicures, pedicures- and is a go-to for disinfecting, as it has a pleasant scent.

The lavender flower can help improve sleep. It is a natural pain reliever and can potentially promote hair growth. The positive benefits of lavender make it ideal for a variety of products you have at home, including perfume.

Why Flowers ...

Flowers are nature’s representation of how no two things are exactly alike, not even identical twins. This may affect the perfumes you wear, as no two flower’s scents (even of the same species) are going to be the same. Perfumes are typically a concoction of oils, flowers and select ingredients carefully paired to make your favorite fragrance. Although the combinations used to create these fragrances may remain secret to preserve their quality, no two will be identical.

Flowers are chosen to pair with some of your favorite ingredients, so you can walk confidently in your chosen scent. Perfumes are practically a cocktail of florals, memories and emotion with a dash of spice. Fragrances evoke the senses and choosing the right one for you is all a part of the fun.

How to Know What Works for You

Determining the perfume or cologne that is right for you is based on one specific factor- your preference. A lot of trial and error is involved when it comes to determining what works best for you. Determine what scents you like in your daily life (i.e. vanilla or coffee) and work your way from there, as many perfumes and colognes will contain such ingredients.

Th best way of finding the right fragrance that matches your body chemistry is through testing a variety. Apply the scent to a warm area of your body like your wrist or your elbow. This allows the scent to heat up and reveal how it partners with your body’s natural fragrance.

Scents change over time and gradually lesson as it sits. Like any new relationship, it is important to take the time to court a new scent, as it may get better or may get worse over time. You want to make sure the chemistry is there before committing to it.

Body chemistry and a person’s natural scent varies among each individual person. This means that a perfume, cologne or body mist won’t smell the same on every person. It is just another reason why it is important to invest time instead of wasting money on a scent that isn’t going to work for you.

Our florists at Bernie's Flower Shop Inc. serving locations in and around Pittsburgh, PA are here to help give you a better sense of what flowers work for you. Although we aren’t perfume or cosmetic chemists, we are experts in what formulas make for beautiful and lasting floral pairings and draw out the chemistry of emotion.

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